Thursday, February 28, 2013

Wounded Wear

Here's an unusual charitable appeal, to say the least. (The link is hidden behind words because it's one of those very long complex links that mess up this web page.)

Here's the home page for Wounded Wear:

Great Billy Jack's ghost...or do I mean Mad Max's?! They're advertising some pretty strange (but cool) items...T-shirts with skulls, boots with outrageous fringe, a biker event in Florida. The web site says the concept and some of the clothes were invented by a wounded Navy Seal, and they've sponsored various concerts, bike rallies, gym workouts, and miscellaneous fun stuff--well, the very young biker type's idea of fun. It's definitely not about hand-patting and "Oh your poor stiff knee." Sort of head-banger-ish but I guess there's a little head-banger left in a lot of veterans.

This link was sent from a reasonably levelheaded Tea Party...I don't know. Looks like things able-bodied teenagers would want to spend their parents' money on more than things veterans would wear, but today's veterans tend to be younger than we are so what would we know. Over to Adayahi, the veteran who's reserved the right to post here but so far hasn't done so. I officially conclude that further coverage of Wounded Wear will be his responsibility.