Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How to Vent About McDonnell's Tax Hike

One more chance to let Virginia's Governor Bob McDonnell know that you don't like HB 2313...oh, wait, it's Facebook only:


Note the target for real rage, named on the Facebook page...we can't be too mean about Senator Kaine since he's a contributor to this web site too, but some of the lousiest ideas in this winter's legislative session do have his fingerprints all over them. Since he's shared a viable, if boastful, explanation for the untenable claim a supporter made that he had reduced crime in Richmond (without being a reformed serial offender), this web site retracts our description of Senator Kaine as lying. We maintain that anything that wasn't perspiring profusely, in Richmond in early November of 2005, has to have been a mutant, although we did not personally observe whether this was actually true of Tim Kaine or was only asserted by a supporter. We would also like to see whether Tim Kaine would have been elected U.S. Senator, or anything else, by paper ballots.

I'll say this about the transportation funding, the "carrot" used to nudge Delegates to accept this unpalatable bill. Regular readers know I've had a good deal to say about the Nickelsville Road--it is the Nickelsville road, the only one that has even two paved lanes so far as I know--and the Copper Creek Bridge. This is a Roosevelt Era two-lane bridge, in the "Why bother with pedestrian lanes, two cars aren't going to be using the bridge at one time" style. Cars approaching the bridge in either direction go down long steep hills and, since one lane is closed for construction this winter, they wait--if they can!--at a stop light for their turns to cross the bridge. It's an alarming bridge that nobody should have to cross in icy, snowy, or actually even rainy conditions...and tomorrow's likely to be a rainy day. It's a bridge school buses have to cross daily.

But did we need to raise taxes to make the long-needed improvements to the Copper Creek Bridge? Duh. What about all those wretched Boards and Commissions? Those things are called Boards because they absolutely beg for the metaphoric ax.

This whole post ought to be on the Facebook page...but I don't do Facebook, and they don't seem to have a Google + or Yahoo link.