Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Steve Martin Campaigns on Budgetary Issues

It's a campaign e-mail asking for money, but I know a lot of people will agree with State Senator Steve Martin about this: "We could have funded transportation without raising taxes, if we were willing to...[fund] less growth in spending...[W]e could handle it." Hearty amens from the choir...

Though there were great successes this legislative session in advancing education choice and accountability, fighting off attacks on gun rights, and tightening down on the kind of ID that is acceptable at the polls, I am very disappointed in the tax increases, the authorization to expand Medicaid, and the delay of the new voter ID law. Trust me, I voted right on each issue.

We could have funded transportation without raising taxes, if we were willing to take more out of General Funds to do so. That would have required less growth in spending in certain operational areas, but we could handle it. Nor did we have to fold on giving a legislative commission the power to expand Medicaid at its will; an action which is, in my mind, unconstitutional - our Attorney General certainly says so. You never had to worry that I might vote for any of it.

My record is that of a clear and consistent conservative - one you can count on as your next Lieutenant Governor - a fiscally responsible, limited government, liberty-minded conservative. My record is solid on issues ranging from taxes and spending to education, property rights, the 2nd Amendment, and traditional family values. And folks, let's be frank about this; I'm the only candidate with the experience and know-how to get the job done in an evenly divided Senate.

While I've been quite active on the campaign trail these past seven weeks, my responsibilities in the Senate had to take top priority. That's what I was elected to do. My campaign, though quite active and visible, has also been hampered by the law which prohibits me from raising money during session - a prohibition that did not restrict my opponents. Thankfully, I am finally out from under that prohibition.

I need your help today to reach my goal of raising $50,000 by next Monday evening, March 4th. The money is much needed to communicate our message across the Commonwealth and assure we nominate a strong, experienced, limited government, liberty minded conservative as our Republican Lt. Governor candidate at the May 18th Convention. This money will allow me to stay in close contact with you and our other filed delegates and potential delegates who will make up our victorious majority vote. As you know, I must communicate all over the Commonwealth to let folks know of my conservative record and readiness to be their best Lt. Governor candidate statewide.

You can make a contribution online, or mail a check made payable to Steve Martin for Lt. Governor to: 25 E. Main Street, Richmond, VA 23219. Let us know of your support at senatorstevemartin.com, so we can keep you informed and up to date. I am forever grateful for the privilege of service.

God Bless,"
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