Thursday, February 28, 2013

Sequestration? Whose Idea's That? (Update!)

The federal government is contemplating a two percent spending cut. Yes, we've received panicky e-mails..."This could affect Head Start programs! And p-p-public housing!"

Somehow, despite the well-known and widely used Washington Monument Ploy we discussed back in 2011, this web site does not imagine that reducing funding by two percent is likely to cause any poor families to be evicted from subsidized housing. At most poor families may be told that they need to pay another ten dollars a month toward their own rent. They won't like it, and it won't be the kind of spending cut this web site likes best either, but they won't freeze or starve.

But wait a minute. From which political party is the panic coming? Could it be...the party of the President who proposed "sequestration"?

(UPDATE: Before even taking the poll below, you might appreciate some numbers from veteran number-cruncher Mona Charen:

Here's a five-question poll to remind you...Fair warning: the fifth question is a fundraising gambit. If you have e-money to spend, this web site suggests that rewarding the composers of this endearing, informative little poll is a nice way to spend it. If you don't, you can skip the fifth question. Or if you skidded into the answer that reflects your political opinion but you don't have e-money to spend, you can click "refresh" to re-take the quiz. I tested this for you.