Wednesday, February 20, 2013

HB 1852: Farmers May Sell Food Ready to Eat

Virginia House Bill 1852, providing that farmers may legally sell produce in ready-to-eat condition if the label clearly warns that this food was prepared in an uninspected kitchen and you're eating it at your own risk, passed the Senate this afternoon:

Good work, Delegate Orrock. This one was unanimously supported by the House of Delegates, 100-0, and by the State Senate, 40-0. Most changes made to the original version actually expand the freedom of farmers, bake sale contributors, and so on.

However, Grandma Bonnie Peters may wish to bear in mind that food prepared in an uninspected kitchen in Virginia may not legally be advertised via the Internet. Thus, if GBP moves back to Virginia and does not rent a flat above a restaurant, she could continue to offer Veggie Burgers at church and neighborhood dinners and in the Friday Market, with a warning label, but we couldn't sell them via this web site.