Wednesday, February 13, 2013

American Indian Group Rejects U.N.

The amount of "Agenda 21"-tainted legislation pending in our state and national legislatures has caused some government watchers to think the United States should just withdraw from the United Nations. It's the same feeling that prompted me to write that I'm actually starting to miss the nukes. Well, right, it's not that I miss Life With Nukes itself, it's just that, if all else has really failed...and I think the world ought to have a United Nations, too, but we need to make a very strong statement about attempts on the U.N.'s part to dictate domestic policies.

For example, the United Nations should be compelled to withdraw any existing proposals that would tend to reduce the amount of privately owned and managed land within member nations, recant, apologize, and compose letters encouraging national governments to return more land to private ownership, before the United Nations should receive any kind of physical, financial, or moral support from the United States. And if nukes are what it takes, well, they're what it takes. I hope not. But if.

One organization that's had enough "land grabs" of any kind is the American Indian Enterprise & Business Council. Their comment on Popvox surprises me; I think it's meant to be sarcastic:

"American Indian Enterprise & Business Council

I believe we have carried the burden of cost and support for far to long, if the members of the UN don't care enough to support the organizations, drop it into another country and we can join their UN."

(Note to foreign readers, in case you're here to build your English skills: that should have been "far too long." Americans are always mistyping "to" for "too" and vice versa.)