Wednesday, February 20, 2013

UPDATE: Steve Martin's Legislative Update

Yesterday, this web site posted this campaign-minded e-mail from State Senator Steve Martin. (Unfortunately, due to another computer interaction glitch, his signature graphic isn't showing up at the end of his e-mail.) Today, we're posting it again, in the hope that this time we've fixed the computer interaction glitch that may have prevented you from reading it. Three times now, the text has looked fine on the "inside" page view, then looked strange on the "published" screen...

Bad news for at least three bills this web site has supported...

We are entering the final week of the scheduled 2013 General Assembly session.

If all were in my control, there would be no bad news to report, but alas, each member has control of their own vote.

The Governor’s education reform agenda is moving well, but the bill authorizing local school boards to decide if they would allow homeschool students to play with public school teams died in committee yesterday by a vote of 7-8 (“Tebow” bill). We had focused on two prospective additional votes, neither of which moved our way.

I regret to report that two important Constitutional Amendments died on the Senate floor today: HR 536, protecting Virginians’ right to work, and HR 611, protecting our right to a secret ballot. The great work in debate did not prevail as a couple Republicans joined all the Democrats in killing them both.

It was necessary for me to vote “no” on the Senate budget earlier this week as a floor amendment expanding Medicaid was placed on the bill. Though I did vote for the Newman floor amendment on the transportation bill, its failure required I also vote against the transportation package. These two matters may keep us in session beyond our scheduled adjournment. I hope not, as I so look forward to spending more time with you on the campaign trail.

 If you are impressed with cute, demeaning, inaccurate practitioners of rhetorical platitudes, you may not be interested in supporting me for Lieutenant Governor. However, if you want substance born out of honest, experienced, conservative, servant leadership, I hope to gain your support. My life has been about getting things done for others. That’s how I was raised, and that’s how I live and work.

 If you want to know more about me and my candidacy, go to If you want to support me in this effort, I need you to show up at the May 18th Convention at the Richmond Coliseum as a delegate to cast your vote for Steve Martin. To do so, you need to register to be a Delegate through your locality’s Republican Committee. You can find the necessary form here by scrolling to and clicking on your locality.

Thank you for your support. You will never know how much I appreciate it. Please enjoy your weekend."

Here's the address for Steve Martin's campaign headquarters:

Steve Martin for Virginia
PO Box 700
Chesterfield, 23832