Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Creative Excuses

Right. I've spent a lot of my limited online time this morning on things that are related to this web site, or more specifically to that long-awaited physical store where you can buy Fair Trade Books for ordinary used-book prices, but don't show up on the blog. That's my excuse. Oh, yes, don't forget that it takes most of an hour to get from the Gate City computer center to the Nickelsville computer center.

And then the way I normally start working on this blog is to pick three posts from the Google blog feed to read, thus opening three more tabs for Google-friendly sites including Amazon and And this is what Liz Klimas had to share:

Right. One more. This one's not true, but it was my high school class's pick: "I don't have my (major subject) homework because some Iranian terrorists tried to kidnap my study hall supervisor, who they claimed to believe is related to the Shah. So we were all thinking of ways to convince them that Ms./Mr. __ is American, and nobody even sat down to do their homework..."

Oh,'m opening that now.