Sunday, May 5, 2013

Chris Christie Killed a Spider. So...?

The lunatic fringe group known as People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals are flapping and squawking because Chris Christie killed a spider. If a left-winger had called out the whole taxpayer-funded security staff to kill a ladybug, would P.E.T.A. have made a sound?

Fair disclosure: most spiders don't bite, and are easy to relocate if you don't want them in the house. I get along pretty well with spiders. The Cat Sanctuary has a rich variety of them; since we don't poison insects, the spiders have all the nuisance insects they can eat, and I'm grateful.

But if somebody in New Jersey kills an innocent spider in a reflexive reaction to something of similar size that's more common in most of New Jersey...

('s not as if that spider were as endangered, or as likely to be missed, as the cats and dogs P.E.T.A. is trying to render extinct.