Friday, May 3, 2013

Anne Crockett-Stark Supports Jeannemarie Davis

Fellow Virginians, this is not the most pleasant stage of an election year. This is the period when lots of people for whom we could say good things compete against one another. We have multiple Republican candidates for this and that in the Republican primary. Does this web site have a favorite? Does anyone here even have a vote in the Republican primary? I'm an Independent, Grandma Bonnie Peters lives in Gena Greene a Republican?

Anyway, in the name of public education, we'll try to share all endorsements of candidates made by elected officials, strictly for the record. Here's Delegate Anne Crockett-Stark, a sponsor and co-sponsor of several bills this web site liked, on behalf of candidate Jeannemarie Davis:

Of the seven Republican candidates for Lieutenant Governor, one in particular stands out above the rest. She is not only a principled conservative leader who has served in the State House, the State Senate and the Governor’s Cabinet, but has also worked hard to help grow our party by helping other conservative candidates win elections throughout the Commonwealth. That candidate is Jeannemarie Davis.
It has been a true honor to represent the citizens of the 6th District in the Virginia House of Delegates these past eight years and I would not have had the privilege of serving had I not won that first election, which was a real challenge! I was facing a three-term incumbent Democrat in a district that was difficult for Republicans to win. I expected an uphill battle and needed all the help I could get.
Even though Jeannemarie had already moved from the State House to the State Senate two years before, she still cared about the House of Delegates and understood the value of each and every conservative voice in the legislature. Jeannemarie traveled to the 6th House district and spent time campaigning with me. She was truly a difference maker for me during that race and proved that she doesn’t just talk about wanting to increase the number of conservatives in the General Assembly, she actually rolls up her sleeves and helps us do it!
Though Jeannemarie’s work ethic and commitment to turning the tide against the liberals in Virginia is worthy of respect, her most impressive quality is her understanding of policy and how to turn our shared principles into effective results. This is due in part to Jeannemarie’s unique combination of private sector, legislative and executive branch experience, along with raising four daughters and managing her household.
As a former partner in a technology consulting firm, before accepting her position in the Governor’s Cabinet, Jeannemarie understands how to create jobs in Virginia. As our next Lt. Governor, she will be committed to working hard to creating long-term, good paying jobs in Southwest and Southside Virginia. She understands that every region in the Commonwealth must thrive if the Commonwealth is to thrive and cares about every Virginian.
As our Lt Governor, I have full confidence that Jeannemarie will be a great partner to Ken Cuccinelli as she continues to work tirelessly to grow the strength of our conservative voice in the legislature and advocate for Virginia families in every corner of Virginia.
I invite you to join me in supporting Jeannemarie Davis for Lieutenant Governor at the May 18th Republican Convention.
Proud to Stand with Jeannemarie,
Delegate Anne B. Crockett-Stark"
P.S. from P.K.: Although I was getting tired of typing "fellow Americans" and "fellow Virginians," recent events have reminded me that it may be important to clarify the point. Foreign readers, please enjoy the nature, philosophy, recipes, book reviews, and charity appeals here. Blogspot does not limit election stories to voters only, and non-voters may get some socio-historical educational benefit out of them, but...please concentrate on elections in which you can vote.