Monday, May 13, 2013

Iris from Dave's Garden (Phenology Overload, or What?)

In the front yard at the Cat Sanctuary (where it doesn't get enough sun) there is a pale violet-blue Bearded Iris plant. It doesn't bloom every year, but when it does bloom it looks like this:

It bloomed early last year, in time for the kitten Iris to be born almost literally under it; when people stop exclaiming about how the black patches on Iris's face remind them of her Great-Aunt Mogwai, they can see a vague resemblance to a fleur-de-lis pattern. Also, because it's so much taller than the "oldfashioned iris" plants, we call it the Giant Iris, and until she became ill in December Iris was much bigger than her siblings.

Whether it's the cultivar "Mother Mary" or something else, I don't know. It's a souvenir of one of Mother's long-gone geriatric patients. Maybe, at some time before I met her, the patient remembered where she bought the parent plant and what it was called.

Our Giant Iris plant has yet to send up a flower bud this year, but the "oldfashioned" yellow iris, which has been known to bloom in June and July, bloomed yesterday morning.

Anyway, this link to Dave's Garden may interest the readers who have kept coming back to this site for the posts about our irises, or irides.