Saturday, May 18, 2013

Mercy Chefs Go to Texas

Once again...on Thursday we got rain and other people, this time in Texas, got tornadoes. Here's an update on the Tea Party-affiliated charity known as Mercy Chefs:

"Wednesday night, Granbury, Texas became ground zero as over sixteen mega-powered tornadoes -- one packing winds in excess of 200 mph pulverized the town. One of the twisters was measured at a mile wide!

Reports are still coming in, but already six people are reported dead, over a hundred injured, thousands are without power and over 8,000 people have been affected by this string of destructive storms.
Miraculously, just thirty miles east of the storm-twisted town, Mercy Chef's Mobile Kitchen 1 sat idle in Cleburne, Texas, which was also in the path of the severe weather. Less than a month before, after serving thousands of hot meals in West, Texas, Mercy 1 was relocated to Cleburne where, thankfully, it was spared from any damage.

Unfortunately, parts of the city were not so fortunate...

Priscilla, as a result of being so close to the devastation, Mercy 1 is already serving meals in Granbury, the hardest hit city, where Mercy Chef volunteers will see a dramatic need to feed scores of victims, law enforcement officials, first responders, and volunteers in the days that follow.

While reaching out to these beleaguered communities, they will continue closely monitor the threat of additional severe storms that are being forecasted for the region over the weekend.

At this critical moment, would you consider making a special, one-time gift to help us feed the victims and first-responders in Granbury and the outlying communities? Every gift -- regardless of amount is deeply appreciated and sorely needed. Just ten-dollars will feed a family of four a chef-prepared hot meal!
Go here now to make your tax-deductible gift to help feed the people of Granbury and continue other vital efforts:

On behalf of Gary LeBlanc and our friends at Mercy Chefs, thank you for your ongoing support of their tremendous relief work!


P.S. The people of Granbury are already expressing thanks that Mercy Chefs was so quick to respond. Help Mercy Chefs disaster relief work by making a tax-deductible gift right now. Click here to make a special gift. 

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