Saturday, May 18, 2013

Donald Rumsfeld in the Tea Party?

Donald Rumsfeld in the Tea Party? ??? Goes to show...anybody can join or be a Tea Party.

I have mixed feelings about the former Secretary of Defense joining any Tea Party...not because I have any feelings or opinion about him, individually, but because I've recently been reading Al Gore's The Future, in which he claims that the Tea Party is an organization of wealthy, powerful, and selfish people and the Internet should be restructured in such a way as to keep us out of it. Donald Rumsfeld is exactly the sort of person he means.

Er-hem. I've never met Al Gore. I can tell him, though, that although Glenn Beck has done a lot to help non-wealthy people who consider ourselves Taxed Enough Already to connect in cyberspace, there is no right-wing godfather remotely comparable to George Soros. This web site has been funded, a maximum of $100 at a time, by private people who know one or more of us personally. We would like to have corporate advertising, but we don't.

Nevertheless, Tea Partiers who are surprised to find Rumsfeld among us will want to visit his web site, and may even want to buy his book...