Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Rosa Koire Defends Property Rights in California

From Karen Bracken, edited for format only, and links verified by Priscilla King:

People, this win is huge. Last week I sent everyone an email about a lawsuit being brought against the state of California by Michael Shaw and Rosa Koire.  As I explained the One Bay Area comprehensive plan is creating PDA (basically small Urban Growth boundaries inside the large UGB)  Then the land outside the PDA (called a PCA will be designated as conservation areas.  It is a mess!!! But it is Agenda 21 on a grand scale.  What happens in CA will happen in every state eventually.  Here is the website where you can make a donation to help Michael and Rosa win this battle.  Michael and Rosa are working with constitutional law firm in CA.
Now for the great news.  Michael won his very own lawsuit against Alameda County.  Michael is a lawyer in CA and he also owns a storage facility…..I have seen his facility in CA and I can tell you he took extraordinary measures to make the facility very attractive and out of sight from the road but of course that wasn't enough and he has been hounded for years.
So take some time to read this encouraging story and please try to give a donation to help them win this battle.  They are trying to raise $50,000 and so far have just $1300.
Thanks so much
Karen Bracken
Subject: Michael Shaw wins major property rights victory against Alameda County

After 10+ years of legal battles with the County of Alameda, Michael Shaw (Lockaway Storage) wins inverse condemnation lawsuit in Appellate Court.
Former PLF attorney scores remarkable regulatory takings victory in Lockaway Storage v. County of Alameda

County of Alameda Must Pay Storage Facility Company $2 Million In Damages and Attorney's Fees For Violation of Constitutional Property Rights