Friday, May 10, 2013

Facing the Music

I'm not sure exactly how "facing the music" shifted from being a stage direction (now mostly obsolete) to being an expression for "taking your due punishment," but that's what I'm doing today.

Yesterday started out as the sort of day when nature clearly did not intend anyone to be indoors, looking at a computer, unless it was absolutely medically necessary. I took nature's advice until it was time to walk to the computer center. What do you think--a storm came up. Not much of a storm at the Cat Sanctuary; most of the thunder and lightning seemed to be in the vicinity of the computer center. And by the time the storm passed, it was too late to walk to the computer center. So I didn't get online yesterday.

So now I have 500 unread e-mails, including a notice that I have to post something at in order to stay in contact with LJ friends. Here I've been thinking that comments at e.g. counted as LJ activity. It apparently doesn't. Well, now that should be taken care of...

What I planned to do, while walking down here this morning, was create labels for the other people who've contributed so much to this web site, beginning with the ones who've donated content (Gena Greene, Karen Bracken, Patricia Evans, Morgan Griffith, Bill Carrico, Grandma Bonnie Peters plans to contribute more this summer, if Yahoo ever stops blocking Mark Warner's e-newsletters I'll share more of those too, etc.) and possibly eventually extending to the ones whose content has been posted elsewhere and linked here (Ozarque, Ysabetwordsmith, Juniper Russo, Stanley Shura, Charlotte Kuchinsky, etc.). The web site does need these labels; if you don't see them within a week or two, feel free to prod me via e-mail.

And then I wanted to upgrade that "greeting" page, of which regular readers are probably getting tired by now, into an index that would steer readers to one or more posts in each category. You don't need to be told what this web site would like to have, by now; you can be shown what it does have. Prod me if that doesn't happen soon, too.

Now let's see how much of the e-mail I can read through...