Friday, May 10, 2013

Repeal Obamacare? Call Congress

Karen Bracken doesn't sound too optimistic about this bill...

"I was just on a conference call with the national Tea Party Patriots. Their legislative advisor told us that next week HR45 (Sponsor - Michele Bachmann and 82 co-sponsors) will be on the floor for a vote. We know this bill will get shot down in the Senate but it is important to send a strong message that Americans DO NOT WANT Obamacare!!! If our response is weak that lets the progressives know they are wearing us down.
It is expected the vote will take place on Thursday. So get on the phone to your US Representative and let him/her know America hates Obamacare more today than we did when it was first passed. PLEASE PASS THIS ALONG to everyone you know. Get it out on Twitter and Facebook.
Is this bill merely symbolic after all? Maybe, and maybe not. There's a "swing voter" factor some Tea Partiers have overlooked. Many good people would agree with two propositions that have been aired at this web site, but not together at many other places, in the past:
1. We the people of the United States can and should be able to pay for all the legitimate medical expenses of poor, disabled, and geriatric patients.
2. We cannot commit to paying for the expenses the insurance industry will add to those medical expenses if our national medical care plan is handled by the insurance industry.
If "We The People" let our Senators know that we will support a realistic plan that covers real costs of treatment, in something similar to the way the Veterans Administration has been doing for years, then we can convince them to reject the "Obamanation" of Obamacare. I don't know to what extent his ego is tied up in this by now, but based on his earlier statements I think we might even convince President Obama to withdraw Obamacare and offer a reasonable plan instead.