Monday, May 13, 2013

Petition to Repeal Obamacare

The following petition doesn't say what I'd prefer for it to say. It says nothing about my sincere desire to maintain a safety-net fund for recovering the actual cost of the actual care of people who can't pay for treatment that has helped them...without allowing the insurance industry to get in the way and inflate the cost of medical care. Nevertheless, as the web site says, if a petition is similar to what you want, it's more effective to sign an existing petition than it is to add a new one. So, if you hate Obamacare, please click here:

For new readers: The sort of national medical care plan I want is based on a system that's worked for the U.S. Veterans Administration for years. After seeing a doctor and/or receiving treatment, a patient pays what s/he can, then submits documentation of payments and remaining balance to the V.A. to request financial aid (and, in some cases, compensation for payments that the patient already made but the system can afford to cover). Since payments aren't being made by insurance companies, there's no sense on the part of either patients or medical care providers that they're spending the money of far-away corporations that nobody likes very much, thus no incentive to inflate the costs of medical care. Instead, there's an incentive to keep the costs as low as possible, because if total costs exceed anticipated costs, everyone will be out of money for another year while the V.A. recalculates next year's budget. Money spent from the fund is not allowed to exceed the actual need, and although the fund covers minimal administrative expenses, nobody has a chance to profiteer on the system.

Or you can look at it this way, since blogs are supposed to be personal and informal: I don't want to pay somebody in an insurance office to drive a luxury car with the profit s/he is making on failing to take care of my mother, if and when Mother actually becomes retired and/or disabled (she's only seventy-eight). I want any money used to pay for Mother's medical care actually to take care of Mother. But I do want an opportunity to do the decent thing and ensure that Mother can get whatever treatment she may need; I want The Nephews to have an opportunity to do as much for me some day.