Friday, May 3, 2013

How to Opt Out of "Smart Meters"

HURRAH! At least some Virginia residents can now opt out of "smart meters," announce Carol Stopps and Patricia Evans:

Dominion Power customers CAN NOW OPT-OUT !
SWVA call - 1-800-956-4237 and demand a Smart Meter OPT-OUT option from Appalachian Power!

To sign up for the smart meter opt-out plan call Dominion at 1-866-566-6436between 7 am and 7 pm. They will mail you paperwork to fill out and return to them after which they say they will come out to your home to do the meter exchange within 3 weeks. Be sure to urge your neighbors to choose to opt out as well, or the microwave radiation from their meters will run through your house (and body) and impact you. Attached is a flyer and article on smart meters you can use to educate them on this issue.

Since 2009, Dominion Virginia Power has installed over 100,000 smart meters in demonstration areas of Midlothian, Charlottesville, downtown Richmond, Williamsburg, areas of Blue Ridge and in Northern Virginia approximately 200,000 inside the Beltway including localities of Falls Church, Arlington, Alexandria and Fairfax.

There are still questions about the fees mentioned below; under what circumstances could the disabled features (interim?) be reactivated; and we will continue to work on the grid security aspects of smart meters.

For those of you with different providers, use Dominion as an example to demand an OPT-OUT option from your own power company executives.

A representative of Appalachian Power, which serves Southwestern Virginia refused to give out any information about Smart Meters, calling it "internal information only" and stated Appalachian Power has no plans to offer a Smart Meter opt-out option. In Virginia call - 1-800-956-4237 and demand a Smart Meter OPT-OUT option from Appalachian Power.

Many thanks to Susan Lascolette who led this Federation CoLA effort for all her hard work and to Senator Tom Garrett who sponsored SB797.. Sometimes you win even when your bill has been killed in a committee stacked with SUPER RINOs! :)
See you on the campaign trail
Carol and the CoLA Team