Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Virginia Republican Primary Results

Patricia Evans forwarded (looks like someone else originally typed) this introduction to the Republican candidates for governor, lieutenant governor, and attorney general in Virginia:

Ken Cuccinelli, Governor:
·        He single handedly defeated the EPA at Accotink Creek in Fairfax County, where the EPA tried to define  storm runoff as a pollutant thus giving the EPA control over the entire watershed
·        He was the first Attorney General to sue ObamaCare
·        He led the passage of Va’s Eminent Domain amendment which curtails eminent domain abuses.  It passed 75-25, even though the Democratic Sample Ballot had it checked as “No”!
·        He is a homeschooler and father of 7
EW Jackson, Lt. Gov.    Jackson, a pastor, attorney, Marine veteran and descendant of Orange County (VA) slaves, has ignited the flames of liberty creating a wildfire across the Commonwealth AND the nation.  Jackson was selected by a substantial margin from among 7 well-qualified candidates including 5 men, 2 women and 5 “politicians”. It’s interesting that at the end of the day, after 3 elimination votes, the only two left standing were those that had never held elected office;  Jackson and businessman Pete Snyder.
Mark Obenshain, Attorney General     Mark, as a State Senator from Harrisonburg to our General Assembly, has been an unsung, behind-the-scenes facilitator of MUCH conservative legislation.  He’s obviously popular at home winning his last election by a 70-29 margin over his Democrat challenger.  

This web site congratulates all three candidates. As noted in the e-mail, we'll be seeing more of candidates Bell, Davis, Lingamfelter, and others who have and have not been publicized at this web site, in future elections.