Thursday, May 23, 2013

How to Watch an Anti-Obama Ad

Aaaack. Priscilla King recommends watching a TV ad? Say whaaat? I can hear the cognitive dissonance here's what happened:

(1) I saw an e-message from e-friend Terresa Monroe Hamilton about her having reposted an article by Lloyd Marcus at (The computer seems to want to display it in a funny way, but that's a live link to a legitimate blog. Warning: a lot of the posts are audio/video, so if you want the full effect of TMH's site you do need a noisy room.)

(2) So I clicked and read it. Well, it's a political blogger's article about making a political ad. I hit the Google+ button, for best in category.

(3) But the Google+ button at didn't seem to be working, so apparently in order to + the article about making a political ad I have to post a link here and + that. Dang. Computers.

The link is to the article; if you read the article, you'll find a link that should open a Youtube video where you can watch the ad, just in case it's not blared out of your TV yet, or just in case you have a local cable show on which you want it to blare.