Friday, May 10, 2013

Depression: The Cartoons

This Blogspot post has maxed out on comments:

So here are mine:

1. Thanks to for this link;

2. Many people who can relate to these feelings (especially the one about antidepressant medications not helping, only making the person feel more deathlike and maybe hostile) might be helped by reading Potatoes Not Prozac. I know you don't have the energy to read it and you don't feel like changing any of your habits and so on, and I can't get inside your brain and promise that the Desmaisons program will work for you. But it might. It's worked for a lot of people who had the emotional feeling that they weren't worth trying to help any more;

3. Whatever Hyperboleandahalf's emotional feelings may be, this post is factual proof that s/he has something worthwhile to offer this world.