Friday, May 31, 2013

President Obama on the Oklahoma Tornado

Right, so last week I said this web site had posted our links to online charitable appeals on behalf of Moore, Oklahoma...but this one is too historic to pass up. It came with an on-screen image of the White House seal and identified its sender as President Barack Obama. (The seal image resisted copying-and-pasting, which seems appropriate.) This web site does have a policy of publishing material contributed by elected officials, because their published comments on events have historical value. Also, although they may have received this e-mail before I did, I suspect some readers may be interested in a link to organizations endorsed by Democrats...

Good morning --

On Sunday, I was in Moore, Oklahoma. Today, I'm headed to the Jersey Shore. Those two communities are separated by half a continent but united by a common sense of purpose. Like Joplin, Tuscaloosa, and New Orleans, they are home to people who've seen nature at its worst and humanity at its best. And they're filled with those who have made the choice to rebuild after disaster, to come back stronger than ever.

The scene on the ground this weekend was one we all know too well: homes wrecked and neighborhoods devastated. But the memories I'll take away from Moore will be of people standing tall, of neighbor helping neighbor, of survivors working to ensure that no one suffers through tragedy alone. And that too, was strikingly familiar. I could have been back in Brigantine Beach after Hurricane Sandy. I could have been in Joplin in 2011.

It's because of those past experiences in places like New Jersey and Missouri that I have faith that Moore will emerge from the wreckage of this tornado stronger than ever. And that's in part because I know that they won't undertake the road to recovery alone. This was a national tragedy, and that demands a national response.

If you want to help, the best way to support those affected by this storm is to make a financial contribution to the voluntary organization of your choice. The best way to volunteer is to affiliate with an organization that is already providing support to survivors.

We've set up a page to help steer you in the right direction. Check it out to get started:

Thank you,

President Barack Obama"