Friday, May 10, 2013

Happy Birthday to Dustin Stockton

Dustin Stockton's e-mail provided my online chortle for the day. Maybe you also will find it amusing. Maybe you'll even have e-money to buy his book. I don't know how the video link will work for youall; if it doesn't display at all, I won't be terribly surprised.

"Yesterday the House Oversight Committee held an explosive hearing on Benghazi. To me, the most compelling testimony was the revelation was that Secretary Clinton's office instructed one of the whistleblowers not to personally speak with Rep. Chaffetz. 

Trump beat us to the punch by
launching his crowdfunding site yesterday. Our site will have better rates and my bold prediction is that we will be larger and better than Trump's site a year from now. 

Also today is my birthday.  Want to make my day? Buy a copy of
my awesome book!

The fight goes on,

Dustin Stockton

Dustin Stockton is Co-Founder of Western Representation PAC
and Author of
Community Organizer: A Tea Party Story"