Friday, July 5, 2013

Angry Preacher Video

Some Christians expect ministers to be salesmen, bombarding people with a hard-sell gospel message. Some expect them to be kindergarten teachers, smiling sweetly and repeating the same thing every day of their lives. Some expect them to be drill sergeants, forcefully correcting people who seem to be headed in the wrong direction...and for that sort of Christians, Liz Klimas has a video of what may be the church they've been looking for.

Gentle Readers, when we go to church, whether collections are taken up during the service (which I find obnoxious) or dropped into a box outside the sanctuary, the amount we put into the box or plate tells the minister what he (or she) is worth to us that day. As a child I used to be given quarters to put into any collection that was being taken up. From adults, more is expected, and if someone who thinks nothing of paying $10 or $15 for a seat in a movie puts small change in the plate at church, I can understand why the minister might feel that that parishioner is not worth fifteen cents.

However: "Will you call one worthless for whom Christ died?"