Friday, February 8, 2013

Are Drone Aircraft Humane in War?

Senator King of Maine (no relation) makes a good point: In war, using unmanned "drone" aircraft to bombard enemies is indeed more humane than putting human beings on bomber planes.

But two completely different issues seem to be under discussion in online discussions of "drones." Are these things being used to bombard strategic sites in enemy countries during a declared war, or are they being used for random surveillance and harassment of mostly law-abiding U.S. citizens, here in the U.S., in times of peace?

I think the comments below Becket Adams' article reflect this confusion, and I hope it's only confusion on the part of online readers who haven't been watching C-SPAN and aren't sure which use of drones is being debated. I hope our Congress at least are clearly delineating a difference between what you can do, in war, to people whose avowed goal is to destroy your supplies and/or kill you, and what you can do to your neighbor every day.