Monday, February 11, 2013

Dying Gasps of Fashion (Photo Link)

Fashion industry R.I.P. It died of greed. Women might still be making an effort to buy "this year's" color, pocket trim, or sweater motif, if the fashion industry hadn't succumbed to the greedhead idea that we'd buy whole new wardrobes in order to have "this year's look." There are only so many different kinds of garments we want to wear, and most of us want to own something in each category at all times, and so, by trying to "show" whole new wardrobes every year, the designers are now showing things that remind me of things I "designed" for science fiction and comedy characters in grade three...

Attention all merchants who want to sell clothes to women. We're not interested in recycling the fashion mistakes of years gone by. Miniskirts and hooker heels are for hookers, skirts in which we can't run were Great-Grandma's mistake not ours, and the hides of departed animals are for burial.

You can still offer "this year's" color, and some of us will still want to buy it...but it's to be hoped that, now that most women are earning our own money and have more interesting things to think about, nobody nowadays really minds letting "this year's" color pass her by. And as long as the fashion designers keep throwing out combinations of year before last's rejects--"Here's the Hooker Look! Here's the Menswear Look! Here's the Bad 1950s Science Fiction Movie Look! Here's the Dumpster Diver Look! This is Fashion! Buy it!"--a lot of us aren't even bothering to look at the proposed "fashions," unless our favorite bloggers have the pictures.

If we want to know what beautiful young women are wearing...duh!...we go to college campuses, at which we learn that the real fashion is, and has been throughout my lifetime, jeans and T-shirts and, in winter, an occasional sweater.