Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HB 1335: Elecatoral Board and Elecatricity and All (UPDATE)

Elecatoral board and elecatricity and Pris turns into Oscar the Grouch for the day...Virginia House Bill 1335 is about the electoral board. What makes it interesting is that, although it's been revised after consideration by the Delegates, the original typo in the title has never been fixed:


That's not funny, it's merely mean. Like who hasn't entered a typo into a field where a computer system makes editing difficult? Anyway it leads into the personal news about me youall need to know, today. Gentle Readers, my eyes became inflamed during yesterday's two-hour session and have been inflamed ever since. It may be another symptom that I'm inclined to blame Iris, the kitten who's been nonverbally saying since mid-December "I could have bronchitis again, I love hot dry air, I hate cold air, even if it's a warm day can't we go into the warm room and sit by the heater?" I've felt that I've been fighting off symptoms similar to hers all winter too. Iris's eyes haven't looked inflamed, but Iris hasn't been using a computer.

Anyway: I didn't bring the laptop into town because I'm not sure my eyes are good for even two hours online today, and I have a contractual obligation to spend six or seven hours online tomorrow, and I'm not sure my eyes will hold up for that either. And I'm in the kind of tired, grumpy, mingy, vindictive, yell-at-'em-first-and-find-out-what-they-actually-did-later mood that some people like to blame on midlife itself, but I've noticed it only while fighting infections or exposed to large amounts of black mold. So, fair warning: today's comments may seem heavy-handed, slow-witted, or just plain dumb.

[UPDATE: This post has received far more attention than it deserved. I'm inclined to think that this attention has come from foreign countries where people may be studying English as a Second Language...and I've cheated foreign readers by not clarifying an obscure reference. I apologize. (See "just plain dumb," above.) "Elecatricity and All" was an old song about an old man who didn't understand the benefits electricity was supposed to have for him--he couldn't even pronounce the word.]