Thursday, February 7, 2013

HB 1398: Unclaimed Tax Credits

Virginia House Bill 1398 passed the House of Delegates by a solid majority. Note that this is not the piece of legislation that gives out tax credits to farmers who donate land to "conservation" or "preservation" groups. This is merely an addition to existing legislation, to the effect that, if farmers don't fall for the sales pitch and claim the tax credits, the state will give money to the same groups.

My, my, isn't it wonderful that we are all so rich, that our economy is just booming and our state revenue coffers bursting with money, so that we can afford this kind of thing. No need to...oh, say, f'rinstance, support "fresh air" programs to help offset the disadvantages of inner-city life for children, or medical expense funds to help treat the damage done by moving children off the farms and into the inner cities. I am just frilled frou an' frou to live in such a munificent State.