Monday, February 11, 2013

Rob Bell on Welfare and Election Fraud

From (the office of) Delegate Rob Bell:

"Every day it seems like there is a new way to waste your tax dollars.

I'm sure you agree that welfare benefits should not be spent on illegal drugs, or wasted on things like lottery tickets or tattoos.

The good news is that the House and Senate have both passed versions of Delegate Wilt’s House Bill 1577. (I am Chief Co-Patron of the Bill.) The bill would prohibit the use of TANF welfare benefits for lottery tickets, pornography, or for any purchases in tattoo parlors or strip clubs.
Please let your State Senator know that you don’t think welfare benefits should be wasted on lottery tickets or tattoos.


As you may know, my bills to combat voter fraud have passed the House and are now before the State Senate Committee on Privileges and Elections.

House Bill 1765 would keep felons off our voter rolls, House Bill 1764 would help prevent people from registering and voting in multiple states and House Bill 2331 would empower the Attorney General to investigate voter fraud in Virginia. (Right now he has to be invited by elections officials or the local prosecutor).

I expect them to come up in Committee in the very near future, and will inform you when the dates and times are announced.


Rob Bell
Delegate, 58th District

P.S. - I’ve endorsed four election bills that recently passed the State Senate and are now before the House of Delegates: Senator Black's Senate Bill 719; Senator Obenshain's Senate Bill 1077 and 1256; and Senator Stanley’s Senate Bill 1008. Taken as a whole, these would all help prevent voter fraud."