Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tea Parties Are Growths, Socialism Is AIDS

As every primary school student knows, the magic cure for the sense of humiliation that comes from being called a nasty name is to recite a Magic Poem. Different verses are used at different schools, but at my school the formula used to be "Twinkle, twinkle, little star, what you say is what you are."

Karl Rove, reports Mytheos Holt, has called the Tea Party movement "a cancer" that damages the political future of anyone it supports. Karl Rove has never been exactly Mr. Popularity. It would be easy to make a case that what he says is what he is.

If you're a Tea Partier and someone vaps you with some reference to Karl Rove's name-calling, I recommend the Verbal Self-Defense move that begins with, "You're absolutely right." Because the Tea Party is a real grassroots movement, some organizations and individuals identified as Tea Parties have been undesirable. Why argue? There's no national organization with requirements and regulations. Anybody can be a Tea Party. The merits of your Tea Party have nothing to do with the demerits of someone else's. Tea Parties are growing cells. Some may well be malignant, some are healthy but not what you'd prefer to have, and some are what our Body Politic not only wants for comfort but needs for survival.

Then move back to the facts: the United States can't afford to keep on blowing out money in all directions as if it were still 1950, and by now we've seen that socialist movements are AIDS. Some kill fast, some slowly, and some have left a few infected nations still moving around--but everyone can see they're ill.