Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Justin Carter and the Coward's Way

Bullies are cowards. Cowards are bullies. If you're unbearably afraid of some real danger to yourself, and you also have no integrity, you're likely to relieve the emotional tension by beating up someone much less dangerous than you are. Hence:

Okay, so we can all think of twenty or fifty "insane" jokes that would have been funnier than the one about killing kindergarten children, and Justin Carter was old enough to know better, and he deserves to be suspended from Facebook for ten years and completely cut off from the Internet (including cell phones) for at least one year. But in the total absence of any evidence that he seriously even thought about any physical act of violence, should his humor-impaired condition be treated as a crime?

It must be nice to live in Comal County these days, when nobody needs to be in jail more urgently than a teenager with a defective sense of humor. Lol and jk.

The link is in Dave Urbanski's article, but let's put one in here too: