Wednesday, February 6, 2013

HB 2229 Passed the House

Virginia House Bill 2229 will, if enacted, authorize the state government to oppose that unconstitutional part of the National Defense Authorization Act about detaining a U.S. citizen without a trial. At least that's its stated purpose.

I wish I had more faith in the claim that merely filtering an unconstitutional encroachment on an individual's civil liberties past a lot of other individuals would effectively prevent such encroachment, a couple of elections down the road. I liked last year's version of this idea better.

This web site has not been giving much attention to bills and laws about the rights of criminals, on the assumption that people who intend to commit crimes should not be reading this web site anyway. If you want to commit robbery, rape, murder, or even identity theft, we recommend that you turn off the computer and get in some practice breaking rocks, which is what we think you should be doing with the rest of your life. But with the totalitarian tendencies our government is showing these days, maybe we should be more concerned about the rights of convicted felons. Who knows how long it will be before studying the Bible and the U.S. Constitution becomes a felony...