Monday, February 4, 2013

Kilgore and O'Quinn Oppose National Heritage Area

I can't listen to the audio document Patricia Evans just e-mailed to prove it, but this is good news (in the sense of progress toward a consensus: Virginia Delegates Terry Kilgore and Israel O'Quinn have stated that they don't support the designation of most of Southwestern Virginia as a "National Heritage Area."

I want a link here. I want the honorable gentlemen's very words! It's important because the Virginia Star reported that, at an earlier point in time before people had looked more closely at a well-intentioned proposal that seemed likely to accomplish good things, both Delegates and Congressman Griffith had supported the "National Heritage Area" designation, which would bring all of Scott County under the control of a tourism-promoting organization (to which some members of this web site happen to belong).

Read more about the effects of designating a National Heritage Area:

Gena Greene posts photos not articles...but you don't want her "planning" your whole life in Scott County, Gentle Readers; she'd want to make it a Class 1 misdemeanor to wear a sweater that wasn't hand-knitted in the U.S.A., and then whatever would we throw on when crawling around in crawl spaces under frozen water pipes?

Karen Bracken e-mailed a link you can use to weigh in on the National Heritage Area bill pending in the U.S. Congress. This bill is U.S. HR 445. Google's new "Popvox" web site is nationwide, and will interest bill readers in and outside Virginia: