Saturday, February 9, 2013

Links from Karen Bracken

Karen Bracken shares links to national news stories:


Another good interview on Common Core with Barbara Simpson (host) and Orlean Koehle. Author of JUST SAY NO TO BIG BROTHER (Smart Meters) and (Common Core: Trojan Horse for Education Reform) and CA State Director for Eagle Forum. 26 minutes.

Hitler's thoughts on education. Thanks to Victoria B. for sending this to me.

This presentation ties Common Core with Globalism and Agenda 21.

Charlotte Iserbyt enlightens us to how the education system became what it is today……a disgrace. If you do not have her book I highly recommend that you purchase a copy. Or you can download an old version for free. This video is 1 hr. 15 min. but I guarantee you will be glad you listened to it. Many pieces will start to fit into place.

(Charlotte Iserbyt's original 1999 book can be downloaded onto your computer from Or buy the abridged and updated edition here.)

This presentation ties Common Core with the global agenda for education.


30 quotes about population reduction from the elites that live amongst us. Gee funny I don't see them offering up their young to the death panels. Remember huge population reduction is one of the major tentacles of A21. Cannot fully control the people until there are a lot less of them. Thanks to David W. for sending this to me.

GET THE US OUT OF THE UN. This article makes it very clear what has happened in the US and why. The solution is clear.

You might want to share this with local, state and federal elected officials. Ann Bressington is a member of Australian Parliament.

Assaults on private property

What they are doing to this rural town in CO is what they will do everywhere. It is Agenda 21 The Wildlands Project. Roads are UNsustainable. YOU MUST WATCH THIS AND MAKE IT GO VIRAL.

Pitkin, CO takes a stand. This is what happens when people stick together and don't cave to the federal government.

Follow up to Pitkin, Co road closure

And it is happening in Idaho. Remember Idaho is where they are still waging war against the Sacketts. This family is having their land and farm taken away. It happened to them and it will happen to you next. 6minute video. Please pass along.

POPVOX……send your support for HR75. This bill was sponsored by Rep. Paul Broun from GA. GET THE US OUT OF THE UN. We got over 1 million people respond to a worthless petition to secede from the Union. We have an actual bill and there are 1844 (as of Feb. 1) supporting HR75. Come on folks. Get busy on this bill. Phone calls to your reps, emails and send you support using the link below.

The APA is not happy with us!!! Aaaaah what a shame

Mainstream Press Lies About UN Agenda 21 - WHY?

Karen Bracken - I WILL NOT COMPLY - WILL YOU? "