Saturday, February 9, 2013

Phenology: Snow or No Snow

Wow! Where is everybody? The computer shows readership is down by 30%. No barrage of indignant e-mails, though--in fact, hardly any e-mails at all. Right, I did come to the computer center on a Saturday morning in order to add a sort of apology to something I wrote sincerely but in haste yesterday...but the computer also suggests that that's not the problem. The computer suggests that youall just aren't online.

In New York and New England, 600,000 people are without electricity, because that snowstorm arrived on schedule and was just as big and as bad as the Weather Channel said it was going to be. (If you read Liz Klimas's post linked above, or viewed it since it's mostly video clips, you may notice a Weather Channel ad link on the side...and if Grandma Bonnie Peters had not once had a GoDaddy account, we might have one here, too.)

In Virginia, it's sunny, chilly, with a good chance of a warm afternoon, and people are out enjoying the nicest Saturday we've had in weeks. I'll admit I enjoyed the walk to the computer center too.

GBP called last night to check on the rest of our well-being. No worries. By the time the weather up North turned vicious, down here we weren't even getting rain. (Don't hate us, Northern readers--the Weather Channel promised us rain tomorrow.)

In order to maintain "phenology" as the easiest way for search engines to find this blog, I thought about posting fun facts about the blue jays that were flying across the road to the computer center this morning. Maybe that topic can wait. Today's phenology news is Big Snow.