Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alice Cooper, Bible-Believing Christian?

So he says. Though wasn't there some story about the source of his stage name having a hard time convincing people she was a Christian, too...before the name "punk," there was "shock rock," and a man who used a woman's name (and really strange makeup) was the epitome of it.

Does this web page really have anything to add to Billy Hallowell's celebrity gossip story? Yes: last week, local (Tennessee) police had to apologize for detaining a guy who looked a lot like Alice Cooper, on suspicion that his personal paraphernalia might have been illegal drugs. The way the Kingsport Times-News wrote up the story, it sounds as if the man's looking like Alice Cooper was more the real issue than his possessions looking like drugs.

Is there more than a prematurely "old" person's maundering in this post? Does this page have anything to say to people who don't remember the acts and image that made Alice Cooper famous, and continue to create problems for people who look like him? Yes, indeed. Attention young people who are thinking about doing something on the wild side to get attention...tattoos, name changes, a disturbingly strange look or performance, etc. The day may come when these decisions draw far more attention than you want to a time in your life that, when that day comes, you'd just as soon forget.