Thursday, June 13, 2013

Phenology: The High Cost of Rescuing Turtles

Liz Klimas reminds us all to watch for box turtles, and for those who try to protect them...

Apparently the bus driver was not a turtle squasher; he was just moving faster than he should have been.

The computer says more people than I would have expected are searching for phenology posts about roses. Which reminds me...

I've not seen a terrapin in the road this spring, but the white and red roses bloomed about the same time they did last year and are almost all gone. Privet and honeysuckle are almost gone too. Butterfly bush has just started blooming. Clover, vetch, and daisies are abundant.

There haven't been many moths or butterflies this year.

Yesterday was the first 90-degree day. Two thunderstorms passed over the Cat Sanctuary before I left this afternoon.

Birds recently observed around the Cat Sanctuary include sparrows, wrens, cardinals, and chickadees.