Sunday, June 23, 2013

The Top 200 Conservative Blogs

We didn't even make the top 200! (Well, Freedom Connector did--the official site for the Constitutional Civil Libertarians is supposed to be at Freedom Connector.) I am crushed. Although Terresa Monroe-Hamilton calls this "Obama's real enemies list" (tongue in cheek), a few of these blogs aren't even based in the U.S. However, if you're here for the politics, you'll want to check out all 200 of these bigger and better political blogs...

This web site particularly recommends:

#4. (don't we link to something there every day?)

#13. (e-home of Jonah Goldberg)




This web site also reminds you of warnings that some of the really popular sites at the top of the list attract trolls by the truckload, are frequently hacked, and may even deliberately send out spyware, just because they're so dang busy.

This web site, further, admits that this web site has never even heard of the majority of these other web sites, and will now wipe the egg off its face and try to remind itself to check them out.