Thursday, June 20, 2013

Educating Mike Huckabee

[Note: Ozarque and Oogesti like Mike Huckabee; we would love to invite him to join this web site. Readers who Twitter, please feel free to send Mr. Huckabee links to any and all the Common Core expose pieces that have been posted here!]

From Karen Bracken:
"We have seen over and over again that former Governor Mike Huckabee has been championing the Common Core Standards, see below.
We are going to do a project to get Mike Huckabee educated on what hundreds of thousands of parents, teachers and administrators think about Common Core. Huckabee has a national voice and is misleading parents and his circle of influence on this issue. We must stop him in his tracks by alerting him to how much this issue means to you.
We are going to use the “Twitter Bomb” tool  to make sure he gets the message of how YOU feel about this, not his crony political buddies like Jeb Bush. Please send to all of your contacts and please post on all of your Facebook pages.
Starting at 8 am pdt/ 11am edt tomorrow June 20, 2013 and we are doing it for 72 hours leading up to his show on Saturday June 22, 2013, we are asking you to Tweet and put on Mike Huckabee’s  Facebook pages facts about Common Core .
We will be using three hashtags for this project, #educateHuckabee#stopcommoncore#CURENat
Below you will find all of the social media sources for Mike Huckabee:
Mike Huckabee For America(Facebook page):
Mike Huckabee (Facebook page) –Politician:
Huckabee Twitter Accounts: Find him on Twitter and Follow him so you can send him Tweets.
So for those new to Twitter here is an example of the kinds of Tweets we can do:
@GovMikeHuckabee Common Core gets rid of parental rights #educateHuckabee#stopcommoncore,#CURENat
@huckabeenews #educate Huckabee#stopcommoncore#CURENat
(the above article is the one about Erin and Heather in Indiana fighting CCS) I would use his “news” Twitter to show all of the news going against CCS.
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