Sunday, June 30, 2013

Rabbit Disaster Plan?

What would you expect a stage magician's disaster plan to be for his partner, the rabbit? Dave Urbanski provides proof that employees of the U.S. Department of Agriculture have never put on a show featuring a trained animal:

"Rabbit stew" is a smart-aleck answer; trained rabbits don't hop into a person's garden every day. Anybody who's trained an animal to perform on stage knows the correct answer. If animal(s) is/are resting in a safe carrier, the carrier leaves the building with you. If not, the animal leaves the building in your arms. Duh.

I can see the need for a formal plan for evacuating a whole troupe of trained animals--especially if they're big nervous animals like horses--but one rabbit?

Sounds like a computer program was involved. Check out the URL for this page. Here's what shows in my browser...

"[string of digits]/more code"

But I'm guessing that what shows in your browser will be something about "looting-by-mounties." Referring to a news story that popped up in Friday's e-mail, about which I considered posting a link here and then remembered that the site referenced has Google +, so all I needed to do was post a comment there. (What the Mounties admitted doing was entering houses from which people had been evacuated and removing things they thought might appeal to looters. Supposedly they'll return all the loot when they decide it's safe for the homeowners to go home. The homeowners were, at the time of writing, saying they wanted to go home right now.)