Friday, June 28, 2013

Atheists Demand Credit for Helping Out

Time's Joe Klein apparently failed to see organized groups of atheists and Secular Humanists working on Oklahoma disaster relief efforts. Thanks to Patrick Nielsen Hayden for sharing the link to Hemant Mehta's list of the groups Klein overlooked:

Right. Atheists, beneficiaries of common grace, may God bless you and your good efforts.

No, I'm not posting this merely to see any atheists squirm with embarrassment. That's an incidental fringe benefit. I'm posting this because the son of a local family has been living in a shelter in Oklahoma, working with his friends to rebuild the community he claims as his own, and I'd like to remind people out there that people here send them good wishes. Regardless of their beliefs. Or of their ethnic identity...I hope everybody out there who's so proud to claim a Cherokee great-great-great-grandmother has made contact with their relatives in Oklahoma this summer.