Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Jack Weaver, Candidate, Virginia's Sixth District Delegate

If I'd been online on Monday, I would've posted this e-mail from Jack Weaver on Monday. Oh well, some reader in the Sixth District may still have time to vote...

From Jack Weaver, edited for format by Priscilla King:

Tuesday is an important day for Republicans.  It is the primary.  You will select whom you wish to represent you in the November election on the republican ticket.

I am the only candidate running in the 6th district that is not an attorney.  Who do you think will best represent your values and principles and the stewardship of the money you have invested in the state's treasury - a lawyer or a farmer/businessperson? Who do you think knows what it costs to operate a business both financially and work within all of the laws already passed -  a lawyer or a farmer/entrepreneur ?   Did you know for the next elected member of the House of Delegates already there are over 2,000 bills before them - do you think that we lack for more laws or more business and common sense responsibility?  Thanks to our members of both congress and the general assembly we already have over 74,000 tax laws.  Do you think we need more?

Do you think we have an income problem in Virginia or a spending problem?  It is clearly a spending problem.  I would vote to repeal this latest tax hike in Virginia.   Do you think the delegate's job should be a term limit job?  I do ! I am not looking for another career and neither should any candidate in my opinion.

I am running because it is very simple  -  I care !!  I care about the next generations of Virginians as well as the current generation of Virginians.  I care - because I think a representative has to first and foremost represent all of the citizens rather than a selected few.  I care - because we have some very tough decisions coming to the Virginia General Assembly, including the Affordable Health Care Act (Obamacare), immigration amnesty, agriculture (by the way we have 26 lawyers and 2 farmers working on that - how do you think that is going to come out?) The Boneta Bill,  the Cole's Hill uranium mining, Common Core and Cscope in education (in my opinion I can not think of a more damaging program to education than both Common Core and Cscope), transportation, budget (who do you think understands budgets better, a lawyer or business person?) Economic development, which means small businesses too, which are so often overlooked as well as existing businesses.   Agenda 21 issues ( in my opinion we have no choice but to constantly monitor land issues), gun laws and regulations (the Second Amendment is a must to protect), the sanctity of life, marketplace fairness act. Coal is a big issue (regardless of what is being said by politicians and media - 35% of our energy is produced by coal, 35% produced by natural gas, 19% by nuclear, 10% by other of which only 5% is by wind and less than 1% by solar - what is the matter with folks thinking at this time solar and wind will solve the electrical problem in Virginia or the country and where are we  budgeting money - solar and wind - use these funds for  investment in coal and natural gas.  The list goes on and on and on, doesn't it?  To do it right - it is a full time job.

It is in your hands  - vote your choice - vote for the person who you feel will best represent your values, liberties and freedoms and most of all your conscience.

I am Jack Weaver, candidate, and I'm asking for your vote.

 Thank you and may God continue to bless America, this state and yourself.