Friday, June 21, 2013

Godless Girl Guides?

Breitbart reports that British and Australian Girl Guides ("sisters" to U.S. Girl Scouts) no longer pledge "to serve God, my country, and mankind," although American Girl Scouts still do.

Of course, it's no longer news that Girl Scouts allow known lesbians to serve as troop the way, what can parents do if they don't want their children spending time every week with a homosexual Scout leader, male or female? Duh...they could volunteer. Both Boy and Girl Scouts have been pleading for troop leaders (who are not paid) for years.

I think the lesson to be learned here may be: If Christian parents don't remain active in youth organizations, then youth organizations are likely to be co-opted by anti-Christians. As is currently happening to the Scouts. Ernest Thompson Seton and Juliette Low are tossing in their graves...but then, although "progressive" meant something more reasonable back then, they were "progressives."