Sunday, June 23, 2013

Tina Trenner Targets Bigotry at NBC

Three credits are in order: Karen Bracken sent me a Breitbart article by John Nolte and its accompanying e-mail from Tina Trenner.

Since Nolte's article can still be found on Breitbart, let's just quote a few lines here to indicate the tendency of the article:

"The whole idea behind this edit was to make it look as though Republican congressman Pete Sessions was claiming that giving food stamps to the poor meant you were giving food stamps to rapists and child molesters. In other words, poor people are criminals.

As you can see, though, what Sessions really said and meant was the exact opposite.

Since NBC News has begun this regular practice of deceptively editing audio, video, and photos in order to make Obama's political critics and foes look bad, the rest of the media as a whole have hardly bothered to notice. "
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Nolte's conclusion: "You see how this works? If you err in a way that hurts the left, the media targets its own for total destruction. But if you maliciously and intentionally commit journalistic malpractice in service to Obama and the left, the media hardly manages a shrug."
Now Tina Trenner's e-mail, edited for formatting only:

Subject: NBC does it again...

Date: June 22, 2013 3:51:40 PM PDT

Reply-To: Tina Trenner <>

Hi Everyone.....
Please read the attached then watch the video and you will get what I am doing. It's critical to stop this malfeasance . Please get on board with me. We have to fight for our free press like we are fighting all the other problems. NSA, IRS,Common Core, anti gunners, Benghazi, Ocare... Sad to say but the Progressives have infiltrated every nook and cranny of this nation . Obama was the firing mechanism/ trigger that has open the gate for  the hounds from Hell... Check out my website to see what we are doing to stop this exact type of lying. This kind of  Yellow Journalism is straight from our Soviet style propaganda machines and it  is everywhere.  NBC is the most obvious. We need to take them down a few pegs. Right now!!! Before the next election.
I cannot do this alone... Thanks too those of you who have already responded . You've joined the fight...but we need way more people on board.  Please e-mail this out to everyone...Go on my website , read the plan and if you agree we must  stop NBC...Join me. I would say help me give NBC a black eye but they do that to themselves everyday. We just want the truth back in the news.
I need 3 things from you...Download and file complaints with your  local NBC affiliates and send me a copy, donate a few bucks to the cause, and tell all your friends and associates. Send this to everyone you know.
Stop NBC from lying!!!!!
Tina Trenner
Battle Born PAC