Thursday, June 27, 2013

Walter Williams on the Washington Redskins

What he said. I don't know whether Walter Williams has any Native American relatives. I do, so I get to share this: they've never given me a hard time about the name or logo of the Redskins. Only about the team's actual scores, and why anybody still bothers wearing their colors any more...

Seriously, it's not about whether changing their name, or anything else, could earn another Super Bowl for the Washington team. It's about the people who are screaming for change to be forced upon them from outside. If Ward Churchill feels so deeply hurt by the name "Redskins," why doesn't he just save up his money, join forces with anybody out there who feels the way he does, buy the team, and change their name to something that sounds both more intimidating and more representative of modern Washington? The Washington that's scarey. The Washington Red Tape...ah yes, this could definitely be done. So why isn't Churchill doing for Washington what Art Modell did for Baltimore?