Monday, June 24, 2013

Phenology for 6/24/13

Michelle Malkin called it "Supermoon"--this weekend's full moon being unusually close to Earth--and so it was. Beautiful bright moonlit nights. I sat up late and enjoyed them.

Weather has been balmy: highs in the eighties, lows in the sixties, but too humid to suit me.

Insects: extremely high populations of all sorts of gnats and several species of tiny beetles, including but not limited to carpet beetles, thriving on the warm damp weather.

On Friday a Spring Azure butterfly (they're often the first butterflies of spring, but this was the second of probably three generations this year) perched on my shoe and fanned its wings as if it were saying "Write about me." Later in the week I will.

I saw the first Haploidea bipuncta of the season on Sunday. I've not actually seen great numbers of moths, butterflies, or caterpillars this year...except on the Internet, where I've been immersed in nasty ones for a week. Phew. So far I've only actually seen two stingingworms this summer. That's plenty. I want to think and write about other things now.

Right. Birds: sparrows, wrens, chickadees, the Cat Sanctuary's resident cardinals.

Flowers: butterfly bush, vetch, clover, pink roses, daisies, Queen Anne's Lace, chicory. Lupins. I don't think lupins are native here but they adapt easily and thrive.