Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mary Martin for Delegate, Independent, Virginia House 14th District

From Patricia Evans, edited for format by Priscilla King:

Mary S. Martin will announce her candidacy for Delegate 14th District.         
I want to give people a choice between candidates that believe higher taxes are the answer to every problem. Higher taxes only contribute to the problems.

The largest tax increase in the history of Virginia was passed this year and there is not one thing in there to benefit Southside Virginia.

I believe the protection of Virginians' property rights are one of the most important functions of an elected representative.

I believe we must improve our children's educations and this starts with supporting Virginia teachers. This past session bills were passed that were not beneficial to our teachers.

I believe we must change laws passed that benefit utility companies that have a monopoly in our area. This must be addressed to protect the consumers. Washington and the EPA are having an enormous effect on the cost of electricity. We cannot expect any relief from that direction, therefore, we must address what we can at a State level.

I believe we must enforce conflict of interest rules in the General Assembly. If a representative owns hundreds of thousands of dollars in a company, they should not vote on bills effecting this company. This is a major problem in Richmond and it  needs to be addressed.

I do not support uranium mining in Virginia.

These are things I pledge to do my best to change as your Representative. I will not make false promises and I will not engage in negative ads that cause pain and embarrassment to the families of the candidates. I plan to run on the issues and on the voting records of my opponents. If you can't run on your record you should not run. If there ever was a year to have a choice other than a D and a R in the 14th District, this is it. I choose to run for I believe in working for our community and our small businesses. I manage a small business myself and I know the grief we deal with on a daily basis sometimes. I will never refer to myself as an elected "official", I will be a true representative. I would love to see some of you folks tomorrow and have a chance to meet you.

Mary Martin

"Educate and inform the whole mass of the people. They are the only sure reliance for the preservation of our liberty."  - Thomas Jefferson   Virginia Tea Party Patriots   Danville Patriots"