Friday, June 28, 2013

Time to Make Demands?

Tea Partiers, wouldn't it be a relief to hear that somebody out there wants you to be more demanding?

Right. It's a marketing ploy. Ron Maxwell wants more people to demand that local theatres show his new movie, Copperhead.

About thirty percent of this web site's readers will be disappointed to learn that it's not about a snake. It's another Civil War movie; internal conflict among beliefs and obligations can be "safely" directed outward through aggressive action as long as it's represented as having happened in a time further back than anybody actually remembers. Northern perspective. The web page has a link you can use, if your computer handles videos well, to preview the movie before you demand it:

Fair disclosure: Maxwell's character will be grappling with opinions that actually belong to the present century. That's why Maxwell expects you'll demand a chance to take a date to the movie.