Monday, June 17, 2013

Ezra Klein on Immigration and Obamacare

Today's "Wonkbook" column will interest several correspondents of this web site, and is strongly recommended to those interested in attending Wednesday's open-air debate/rally in Washington:

"If Republicans are trying to make inroads with the Hispanic electorate, they've got a funny way of going about it."

I don't think anybody actually wants Obamacare; it's too well described as a train wreck. I think people, whether they were born here or not, whether their native language is English or Spanish or something else, do want to know that Americans will help our decent law-abiding neighbors if they really need help to pay for medical care. We need to be talking about an alternative medical care plan. If the one this web site has proposed doesn't appeal to you, please use the comment space below to propose (or link to) your own.