Thursday, June 13, 2013

Tea Party Crowdfunding Project

Yesterday's e-mail included an interesting discussion at Dustin Stockton's web page, in which various Tea Partiers complained that there are just too dang many Tea Parties for everyone to support all of the ones that send us interesting e-mails and ask us for small contributions in return. Couldn't the Tea Parties pool more resources?

Well...the trouble with a grassroots movement is that anybody can be a Tea Party. The general meaning of "Tea" is "Taxed Enough Already," and eminent domain and Obamacare are the things Tea Partiers most object to being taxed to support, but beyond that, who knows what a Tea Party's agenda may be.

However, Dustin Stockton has composed a page of different projects, so those who want to send money to the Western Representation P.A.C. can choose which specific project they want to support.

I'd like to take this opportunity to remind readers: The Constitutional Civil Libertarians will not, as a group, request money. Ever. Membership and participation are free.

We have this web site on which to share things people may want to do something about. Things people can do are likely to include sending someone money. Beneficiaries of this money may include Cornerstone Communications when we get a real-world store space, because Cornerstone Communications is a nonprofit community service project.

There may be occasions when Constitutional Civil Libertarians are invited to do things that may cost a little money. (I'm not the only one who may issue these invitations, by the way.) On those occasions we may ask people to chip in a share of the cost of, e.g., renting a van or having a buffet. We are a political education group and although we can certainly promote candidates, bills, or proposals verbally, as a group we don't collect money on their behalf. (As individuals we can, of course, send money whenever we're feeling munificent.)

But just being a Constitutional Civil Libertarian costs you nothing beyond the time and effort it takes to read things, go online, and share.